Board Meeting November 30th, 2015

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on November 30th, 2015 at 600pm.  Items discussed included: Committee reports (Landscape, Social, Lighting, and financial), 2016 Board meeting schedule, communications committee, delinquency report, 2016 Reserve Replacements, gutter cleaning/power washing proposals, proposed purchases: bulletin boards, video projector and screen.

The following issues were discussed during homeowner input:

Are holiday lights permissible? yes. (see CCR 5.9 for restrictions)

Are the landscapers skipping every other week.  Yes, per contract, they do not come every week during the winter.

Can we place some tables at the gazebos?  Tables have been purchased and will be placed in the spring.

Mailbox cleaning.  There is currently no vendor responsible for cleaning the community mailboxes.  Owners can clean these, but are cautioned to not get water in the boxes.

Board actions:

A communications committee was formed to improved communication between the homeowners, the Board, and TMG.  Harriet Linville was appointed as the Board Liaison.  If you wish to be part of this committee, please contact her.

The Board approved the purchase of a video projector and screen.  It will be available for use at Board meetings, Homeowner meetings, and community events.

Two proposals from KJ Maintenance (a current vendor) were approved.  A contract for gutter cleaning/dryer vent cleaning and another for roof moss treatment (preventative) were agreed to.  A third contact for pressure washing was delayed.  The Board would like the vendor to include a bid for cleaning additional areas in the community.

The Board agreed to meet on the second Monday of the month starting in January 2016.  Please note that the meetings will now start at 630pm.

Items discussed:

Committee reports:

Landscape- A formal report following a walk-through with Willamette is pending.  100 plants and trees were donated to our HOA by the Tualatin River Watershed Council.   These will be planted in the wild areas adjoining the wetlands and will not be maintained by Willamette.  If you would like to help with this project, contact the Landscape Committee for details.

Social- The Halloween event was very successful.  The next event is this Sunday. (see post “Christmas Social at the Clubhouse” for details.)

Lighting- New bulbs were placed in the pillars in front of many of the Forest units.  This should eliminate the problem of these lights staying on all day.   Forest unit owners are encouraged to refrain from removing or replacing these bulbs.

Financial- The HOA is financially sound at this time.  Income is adequate for our current expenses and the Reserve accounts are sufficient for projected expenses.  The HOA will be moving some money in January to some higher earning CDs.

Delinquency report: There are no accounts delinquent past 60 days.  A long time delinquent (bank owned) property recently paid in full. (over $28,000!)

The purchase of a community bulletin board was discussed and deferred to the new Communications Committee.

Items due for replacement in  2016 (according to the Reserve Study) were discussed.  The Board will discuss these in detail at the next Board meeting.

The next Board meeting is January 11, 2016 at 630pm.

Draft minutes of this meeting should be posted soon on TMG’s site.  The minutes become official when approved by the Board, usually at the next Board Meeting.

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