Board Meeting October 12th, 2015

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on October 12th, 2015 at 600pm.  Items discussed included: The 2016 Budget, compliance reporting, homeowner reported maintenance issues, door staining, Forest unit exterior lighting, landscaping, sewer repair.

The following issues were discussed during homeowner input:

Compliance reporting: A homeowner requested better communication when reporting compliance issues to TMG.  Specifically requested was a response confirming that the reported item is actually a violation and that it is being dealt with.  It is understood that TMG can not release details of the resolution.  A system for tracking complaints was discussed by the Board.

Door staining: Some of the doors have not been refinished to an acceptable level.  The vendor has not been paid until the work has been completed.

Fire damage 10192 SW Morrison Street: The owner of this unit reported that following a lengthy permit delay, the project is going well. He was impressed by the quality of work by the contractor, Charter.

General maintenance: Similar to compliance issues, a homeowner requested better communication in tracking the progress of maintenance issues/complaints.

Signs: There was a question about HOA policy regarding signs on the mailboxes.  (the current policy allows these type signs with written permission from Board).  Revised sign resolution and bulletin boards were added to the next Board Meeting agenda.

Board actions:

The Board approved a request from the ‘PKW Pillar Light Ad-Hoc Investigation Committee’ to purchase lamps for some of the Forrest units.  These lights were not turning off during the day.  The new lamps have a built in photo cell.  The Committee believes this is the easiest and least expensive way to fix the problem in these units.

The Board approved a request from the Landscape Committee to allow a temporary planting bed behind the pump room.  This bed would be used to place plants taken from HOA pots and beds while those areas are being worked on.

The Board approved a proposal to make a sewer repair in front of 10275 SW Taylor Street.

The Board adopted a Budget for the 2016 calendar year.  As discussed at the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting and approved at the September Board meeting, our insurance premiums have increased dramatically.  Several other areas had modest increases, including landscaping and the pool.  There were two large items not included in next year’s budget as they will be paid off at the end of 2015: payments for a roof maintenance program and reserve transfer repayment.

HOA assessments will remain at the same level since 2013.

According to TMG, “All Owners will receive a copy of the budget by the first week of December.”

Draft minutes of this meeting should be posted soon on TMG’s site.  The minutes become official when approved by the Board, usually at the next Board Meeting. The next scheduled Meeting is TBA.

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