BOARD MEETING March 14, 2016

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on March 14th, 2016 at 630pm.  All Board members were present.  Items discussed included:  Box elder/stink bugs, Legal counsel contract, video security policy, pool repair, community BBQs,  club house TV, pool attendant contract, landscaping, air quality report for units damaged in fire, and storm water drain cleaning.

Board Agenda 031416

Board actions:

A home owner requested HOA help with a bug infestation. There is a combination of box elder and stink bugs invading some of our homes.  These are a nuisance but cause no damage.  They are therefore home owner responsibility.  You may want to check out for more information on this problem.

The attorney that handles issues for our HOA has left her firm to start her own law firm.  The Board will decide at the next meeting whether to follow our attorney, stay with our current firm and possibly have an attorney assigned from Seattle, or choose a new firm.

The Board adopted a policy regarding the use of security cameras at the club house.  This policy will be posted soon on the Resource/HOA rules page.

Orca Pacific will soon begin to repair and replaster the pool.

The Board agreed to replace the BBQs in the two urban parks and the one at the Great Lawn gazebo.

The Board agreed to purchase a new TV to replace the 10 year old Zenith currently in use.  We are looking into the possibility of mounting this in the larger room (lower floor) at the clubhouse.

The Board agreed to hire a pool attendant for the summer.

Our landscaper will be installing new plants on March 29th.  These are to replace plants covered under warranty that have recently died.

The Board commissioned an air quality inspection of the three homes affected by the fire last June.  The report was favorable and work should continue on these units.

It was recently brought to the HOA’s attention that we are responsible for cleaning the sewer filters along SW Taylor. This had been done in the past by the land’s previous owner.  After some investigation and review of documents, it was determined that our HOA is indeed responsible to clean and main one sewer vault on Taylor.  This has been scheduled.

(These are not the official minutes of the Peterkortwoods HOA.  The official minutes will be posted on TMG’s site after they are approved at the April 11, 2016 Board meeting.)

The next scheduled Meeting is scheduled for 630pm on April 11th, 2016.

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