Board Meeting May 9th, 2016

The HOA Board of Directors  met at the Clubhouse on May 9th, 2016 at 630pm.

Here is the agenda for the May 9th meeting:


The Board discussed the following items: Landscaping, pool maintenance, pool monitors, pool opening, minor maintenance issues.


The Board approved proposals for improvements to the pool patio pots, irrigation repairs, white fly and aphid treatments, ground cover, erosion, and enhancements to the monument at the entrance to our community.

Bark dust is scheduled to be applied May 12th and 13th, however, the Board has asked the landscaper to remove the moss from the beds prior to applying bark.

Field mowing will be done on May 10th and 11th in the unimproved grass area behind the northern Morrison units.  You may notice some flags and tape in a small section of this area.  These mark the newly planted trees and shrubs (see ‘UPDATE: Community service day..’ post).  The markers will come down when the mowing is complete.


The company hired to re-plaster the pool has delayed the project several times.  The Board’s goal was to have the pool opened by May 21st.  This still appears to be a realistic goal.

The Board and TMG are interviewing several candidates for Pool Monitor.


The Board approved a proposal to have an electrician  wire and install a second TV on the opposite side of the wall from the current TV (we would have two TVs).


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