Board Meeting November 14th, 2016

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on November  14th, 2016 at 630pm.

Here is the agenda:


The Board discussed the following items: Landscaping proposals, pool maintenance, maintenance issues (concrete repair, door staining).

Homeowner input

Two home owners gave their input regarding the fire remediation work done on their home.  The Board also heard from a remediation expert hired by the couple.  The Board later went into executive session regarding the Association’s insurance carrier and the work done on this home. (see Executive Session below)

There was some concern about the work done by our landscape contractor recently , especially: leaf removal.

Social Committee

The SC is hosting a New Year’s Eve event at the clubhouse and has requested a waiver from complying with the rule that events need to end by 10pm.  The Board granted the request.


A home owner received a violation notice for having a gate in front of their front door.  The initial notice stated that the gate was attached to the residence.  It is not.  The Board determined that there was no violation of any specific rule, but decided to look at the gate.


The Board approved proposals for the removal of more than a dozen trees in the community as identified by the landscape committee and confirmed by several arborists.  The homeowners will be notified before the removal.

The landscape contractor is on a modified winter schedule.  They will not be here every week.  They are still scheduled to pick up leaves at least one more time in November and December.


The pool was re-plastered and filled.  It needs to be uncovered for two weeks.


There is still some concrete work to be done in the community.  A vendor will be on the property soon to do a thorough walk-through.  (If you know of concrete work that needs to be done and believe it is HOA responsibility, please notify TMG.)

Gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning is scheduled for December.

Executive Session

The Board decided to direct the insurance company to reinspect a home damaged by the fire last year to determine what work still needs to be done.

The Board decided to continue meeting a 630pm on the second Monday of the month. The next meeting is scheduled for December 12th.

These are not the official meeting minutes.  when they are approved at the next meeting, they will be posted on TMG’s website.

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