Board Meeting October 10th, 2016

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on October 10th, 2016 at 630pm.

Here is the agenda for the October 10th meeting.


The main topics of the meeting were the tree policy and the 2017 Budget.  The Board approved both.

The tree policy will give the Board and the community some general guidelines for the care and potential removal of our trees.  The policy will soon be posted on TMG’s website in the Resource Center under ‘Rules, Regulations, Resolutions’.  It will also be posted on this site under Resources, HOA rules.

The Board adopted a budget for 2017 that includes a 2.1% increase in our monthly assessment.   The largest increases to the budget were in the areas of insurance and street maintenance.   This was offset some by an increase in projected interest income.

The budget will be posted on TMG’s site.  Notices will be mailed to all owners.

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