Board Meeting September 12th, 2016

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on September  12th, 2016 at 630pm.

Here is the agenda:


The Board discussed the following items: Landscaping proposals, pool maintenance, pool closing, insurance, 2017 Budget, maintenance issues (power washing, door staining, bird removal).


The Board approved proposals for irrigation repairs and plant replacement due to the fire last year.  The plants will be paid for from the HOA’s insurance settlement.   The Landscape committee will choose the plants.

The Board also accepted the Committees recommendation to hire two consulting arborists to assist us with a long range plan for the trees in our community.

The Board approved the removal of two trees on Windwood.


The pool will be drained October 3-5 and re-plastered after that.

The Board agreed to close the pool on the morning of September 26th.


Power washing should be completed this week.

The Board agreed to a proposal to stain 17 Forest unit front doors.  This includes a few doors that were previously not stained correctly.

Damage caused by birds nesting on our buildings: The buildings can not cleaned or repaired until the native birds have left.  Our maintenance vendor anticipates that this will be soon.


The Board agreed to renew our insurance with our present carrier.  Premiums have increase 5%.


The Board will approve the 2017 Budget at the next Board meeting on October 10th.  If you have any input, please give it the Board or the Finance Committee ASAP.

The Board reviewed the latest Reserve study.

These are not the official meeting minutes.  when they are approved at the next meeting, they will be posted on TMG’s website.

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