Board Meeting September 11th, 2017

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on September 11th, 2017 at 630pm.

Here is the agenda:  Board Agenda 091117

The Board discussed the following items: Insurance Resolution, Insurance renewal, Parking Resolution, Landscaping committee additions, Heat Pump water heater installation, pool closing, maintenance issues (concrete work throughout community, Forest doors, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing).

Insurance Resolution

Our Insurance resolution was updated to clarify that the HOA’s policy was primary.  The language regarding the deductible was removed from the resolution as it is subject to change. (the deductible is not changing at this time)

See Revised Insurance Deductible Resolution 2017-02

Insurance Policy Renewal

Our HOA policy was renewed for the period October 1, 2017 through October 1, 2018.  Our coverage has been increased.  The premiums have also increased (approximately 7%).

Parking Resolution

Recently the HOA towed a vehicle that was disabled and blocking one of our private driveways. Before this could be done, the tow company required an agreement be signed and signs be placed throughout the community.  To clarify our policy and procedure, the Board voted to amend our Parking Resolution.  A section was added to implement towing, another was added to prohibit vehicle maintenance, and a third was added to restrict disposal of fluids within catch basis/storm drains. All other rules in
effect were not altered on this revised resolution.

See Parking and Traffic Policies Revised 2017-01

Heat Pump water heaters

This topic was discussed at the Annual meeting. (see Heat Pump Water heaters ) 

This type of water heater creates a small amount of water that needs to be vented out of the home.  The Board approved an ARC request. Future requests that follow the guidelines of this application will be approved. For more information, contact TMG .


The Board approved three new additions to the Landscape Committee: Alex Charlton, Jamie Chianello, and Fred Lord.


The pool will be open for swimming until October 1st (weather permitting).


Concrete work will be performed throughout the community in the next few weeks.

The Forest doors that have not been re-stained in the past three years will be done in the next few weeks.


The 2018 budget will be approved at the next October Board meeting.

These are not the official meeting minutes.  when they are approved at the next meeting, they will be posted on TMG’s website.

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