Annual Homeowners Meeting 2015

Over 50 homeowners attended the annual meeting on August 10th.

The Sheriff of Washington County, Pat Garrett, gave a presentation and answered questions regarding the upcoming Public Safety Levy.

Vern Newcomb from American Benefits talked about our HOA’s insurance policy, specifically how we are covered in an event such as the recent fire and how our rates will go up, especially for earthquake insurance.  We should get a quote for next year by September 1st.

An election was held for two open Board positions.  The candidates were: Ken Cumings, Clarence Nesbitt, Don Russ, and Mark Propp. Ken and Clarence were elected.

Two homeowners spoke about the fire on SW Morrison.  Don Russ, a Portland Fire Battalion Chief, gave his perspective on the TVFR fire report and the safety of our homes.

Dave Rennekamp owns the unit where the fire started.  On behalf of the three families most affected, he told the audience what it felt like to go through such  a traumatic experience.

Duane Damiano was thanked by the Board for his faithful service this past 2 years.

An open forum was held.  Homeowners asked questions about: Lindens, the lawn, staining of doors, pest control, and roof maintenance.

Following the Annual Meeting, an orginizational meeting was held by the Board to elect officers.  The results were: Robert Phillippi-President, Clarence Nesbitt-VP, Ken Cumings -Treasurer, Harriet Linville-Secretary, and Michael Hildenbrand- Member-at-Large.

There was a social gathering following the meetings.  Food and drink were provided by homeowners.

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