Your government and utility contact info

This page was updated on August 30th, 2018.

Police: Washington County Sheriff 503-846-2700


Traffic Complaints: Washington County Sheriff (For our neighborhood and all unincorporated Washington County)

Online traffic complaint form


Fire: Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue 503-649-8577


Police and Fire Non-emergency dispatch: 503-629-0111 (for all of Washington County)


Roads: Washington County Land Use and Transportation

Washington County LUT


Building permits: Washington County Land Use and Transportation


Water: Tualatin Valley Water District 503- 642-1511


Federal government: US Congress

US House of Representatives: Suzanne Bonamici

US Senate: Ron Wyden (Through 2022) and Jeff Merkley (Through 2020)

State government: State Senate: Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

State House of Representatives: Ken Helm

Local government: Washington County Board of Commissioners

Your County Commissioner (through December 2018): Greg Malinowski

Phone: (503) 846-8681

Fax: (503) 846-4545


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