Home Improvement/maintenance Supplies

Vacuflo central vacuum replacement parts and accessories

The nearest Vacuflo store is located at 9015 SE Flavel Street, Portland , OR 97266.  You can also order online at http://www.vacuflostore.com/tab/vacuflo.aspx .  If you have a VacuFlo model FC300, FC520, FC530, FC550, FC610, or FC650, the 7″ filter (Part number 8106-01) will work.  Vacuflo sells them on line for $24.95.  You can also find them on Amazon for $22.95.

Also, it appears Dirt Devil and Vacuflo are inter-changeable.

Air Filters (Furnace, cold air return)

Most of our homes require two different filters for our furnace.  One is 14 by 24 inches. The other is 12 by 20.  Both are 2 inches thick.

Two inch thick filters are not common.  I have not been able to find them at the big box stores.  I found them at “yourfilter connection” for $11.99 and $9.99 respectively.

yourfilter connection website

Paint, exterior

Exterior painting and staining is the responsibility of the Association. Please get permission before attempting any exterior maintenance that is HOA responsibility. If there is a minor spot that need touched up and you need to color match, here is a document from 2008 with the original paint palette for our homes. This is the document referenced by our painters in 2019.

Paint, interior

The last home in Peterkort Woods was finished more that 10 years ago. Trying to match the original color would be impractical. The original vendor (Rhoda) had the info a few years ago. I called them on 5/11/22 and they confirmed that they no longer can access the file.

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  1. Is there a contact for repair of the sound system in our units? I contacted Azimuth who did the installation but they don’t my return calls.
    Thank you,


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