Home Improvement/maintenance Supplies

Vacuflo central vacuum replacement parts and accessories

The nearest Vacuflo store is located at 9015 SE Flavel Street, Portland , OR 97266.  You can also order online at http://www.vacuflostore.com/tab/vacuflo.aspx .  If you have a VacuFlo model FC300, FC520, FC530, FC550, FC610, or FC650, the 7″ filter (Part number 8106-01) will work.  Vacuflo sells them on line for $24.95.  You can also find them on Amazon for $22.95.

Also, it appears Dirt Devil and Vacuflo are inter-changeable.

Air Filters (Furnace, cold air return)

Most of our homes require two different filters for our furnace.  One is 14 by 24 inches. The other is 12 by 20.  Both are 2 inches thick.

Two inch thick filters are not common.  I have not been able to find them at the big box stores.  I found them at “yourfilter connection” for $11.99 and $9.99 respectively.

yourfilter connection website

One thought on “Home Improvement/maintenance Supplies”

  1. My HVAC system has a single 16″ x 20″ x 2″ filter located in the attic at the heater unit. I understand many owners have replaced that arrangement with filters behind each of the two cold air returns located in the second and third floor ceilings, which is a bit more convenient. The problem with doing that is that the outside air is not filtered when the timed ventilation system comes on, so pollen comes into the home. My attic has a plywood floor and a wired light on a switch, so it is easy to work up there, but you need a ladder to get there. I found the filters at Lowe’s online (not in the store) at https://www.lowes.com/pd/Filtrete-12-Pack-HVAC-Basic-Common-16-in-x-20-in-x-2-in-Actual-15-5-in-x-19-5-in-x-1-75-in-Pleated-Air-Filter/4748323 A box of 12 costs $74.52. These are MERV 11 filters. Lowe’s also sells individual industrial filters that size that are not suitable (not for use with air conditioning) and MERV 13 filters that seem to me to conflict with the furnace instructions calling for high flow filters. I replace the filters at 60 day intervals.


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