Welcome to Peterkort Woods HOA

This site was updated at 1140 am, on February 17th, 2018.

This site was created to provide a place for Peterkort Woods residents to learn about and share with others what is going on in our community.   All are welcome to comment on any post.  To do so, you shall be asked to provide your name and email for verification.    I will not post your email address, but your real name will be visible.

If you do not want to publish a comment but have a question or a suggestion regarding this site, fill out the form on the ‘Contact webmaster’ page.

Board meetings: The next regular Board meeting is Monday, March 12th.  Board Meetings are scheduled to start at 600 pm. (Board meeting summaries will now be posted as individual pages under the Board Meetings Tab.)

New: February 17th: New page Board of Directors for PKWHOA

New: February 8th at 800am: Wine tasting post Wine Tasting at Peterkort Woods

Updated January 31st: Sunset Station project

New: January 29th at 450pm: Linden Tree replacement schedule   


If you would like to receive an email when this site is updated, please fill out a form on the ‘Contact’ page.


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