Time to replace your water heater?

This is a follow-up to my previous posting about Heat Pump Water Heaters and replacing your existing water heater.  As I mentioned, all our community’s water heaters are entering their expected “end of life” phase of 10 – 15 years.  It is a good idea to be proactive so you don’t get stuck with a cold shower!  There are also a lot of financial incentives available which are slated to expire at the end of 2017, providing another reason to be proactive.  See my presentation and the quotes below.

We have reached out to several vendors who have been out to our community and were willing to provide a quote for PKW homeowners.  While these are reputable, licensed and bonded vendors, please note that these vendors are in no way “approved” by me, the HOA board, or the management company.  This list is provided as a courtesy to help you make your own decision on water heater replacement.

Our HOA board also provided pre-approval for the installation of a condensate drain (required for heat pump water heaters) which requires penetrating the exterior wall near the garage.  Fill out this form ARC HPWH and follow the instructions to be able to move forward immediately with your water heater replacement and not have to wait for any addtional approvals from the HOA board.

If you have additional questions, please let me know at davekresta@gmail.com

[*Editor’s Note: The PKW HOA Board of Directors has approved installation of these water heaters using the guidelines described in the ARC HPWH example.  The BOD will consider a resolution to clarify this procedure at its November meeting, but you do not need to wait for it in order to have your application approved.

** The Board of Directors for Peterkort Woods has not selected or endorsed these vendors.  They are provided for you information only as vendors who can install this type of water heater.]


Dave Kresta



We met at the pool in the summer months, now lets meet in the clubhouse!

                             Starting November 8th, 2017 5:30-8pm

 Bring your own dinner/beverages and meet at the clubhouse to get acquainted with your neighbors.

We will meet every 2nd Wednesday of each month until the pool opens again.

(except February)

Questions? Call:

Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608

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Monday Night Football Potluck

Join us for a Monday Night Football Potluck at the Clubhouse!

October 23  5:00pm – 9:00pm (game starts at 5:30pm)

The Washington Redskins at The Philadelphia Eagles.

We will provide pizza and snacks.  Perhaps Philly steak sandwiches instead. We’ll see: no promises.  Bring whatever you’d like to drink and something to share.

Any questions please contact:  Mary – mary@lakebound.org                                                                                          David – davidkoff@gmail.com