Is this the official website for Peterkort Woods Home Owners’ Association?

No, but it is owned and operated by an HOA owner.  The only “Official” HOA site is operated by Association Management Services (AMS) and can only be accessed by HOA owners with a password. 

I am interested in buying (or selling) a townhouse in PKW HOA, how do I obtain your official documents including CC&Rs?

Read the article: Requesting Peterkort Woods Documents for selling…  https://peterkortwoodshoa.com/2016/11/

Is the clubhouse open all the time?

No.  The clubhouse is locked and alarmed except for community events or private reservations.

Please don’t enter without authorization. If you accidently set off the alarm, call (503) 598-0552.

How do I reserve the clubhouse?

If you are an owner, contact AMS .

You can read the clubhouse user agreement on their site. 

If you are renting a home in our HOA,  you must have the owner sign the clubhouse rental agreement.

How do I set up automatic payments for my HOA fees ?

You need to contact AMS .

Which local government is responsible for Peterkort Woods?

Our neighborhood is in unincorporated Washington County.  “Portland” is used for our mailing address and Beaverton is the closest city, but we are outside of both.   For more information see:

Who is responsible for utilities?

Home owners are responsible for all utilities associated with their individual townhouse. The HOA is responsible for the utilities at the Clubhouse, gazebos, and other common areas.

When can I put my trash cans out?

Currently, our trash pickup day is every Friday.  Recycling is picked up every other Friday (the next recycling days for 2023 are May 26th,     June 9th, June 23rd, and every other week thereafter).  Our CCRs state in 5.7 that trash cans must be kept in garages except on garbage pickup days.  Traditionally, it has been acceptable to leave the cans out Thursday night and brought back in Friday night.

I would suggest using the “Garbage and Recycling Day” app (AKA “PickUpDay”).  It sends you a reminder on Thursday and lets you know if recycling will also be picked up.

Can I alter the landscaping in front of my home?

According to our CCRs (5.16), “Owners may not change the landscaping or install additional landscaping with out the prior written permission of the Board of Directors”.  This includes pruning ,weeding, placing pots, installing yard art, dumping potting soil, and adding bark dust.  For More information see: https://pkwhoalandscape.wordpress.com/  Also see the sign policy below.

What kind of signs can I place on my property?

You can have one security sign and one for sale sign with some restrictions.  See the sign resolution https://peterkortwoodshoa.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/resolution-for-signage-2018.pdf (also CCR 5.5)

You may not have  ‘for rent’ or ‘for lease’ signs.

Can I drill a hole in the outside of my home?

Not unless you get written permission from the Board of Directors. See ccrs 5.9 and 5.11. Similar to landscaping, the exterior of our homes is a commonly maintained element. This means that we all set aside money for its upkeep. The BOD is responsible for managing these resources for the community.

Do I need permission to remodel the inside of my home?

No. but you may need a building permit from Washington County. Also read ccrs 4.3 regarding party walls.

What can the HOA do about a suspicious vehicle parked in front of my house?

They will refer you to the Sheriff. Windwood, Morrison, Taylor, Foresta, Rustica, and Trillium Creek are public streets. Any illegal or suspicious activity on them should be reported to Washington County, 503-629-0111. If a vehicle is parked in the alleys or driveways behind our homes, reported this to AMS.

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