Peterkort annexation

Owners of townhomes in Peterkort Woods should have received a letter from the City of Beaverton regarding the annexation of some property owned by the Peterkort Company.  The land in question is adjacent to but does not include any land owned by Peterkort Woods HOA.

According to the Cedar Mills News ( “The assignment of the applicable City of Beaverton zoning and land use designations upon annexation will not eliminate the existing trail or natural resource designations on the subject property.” That means any kind of development is unlikely.”

According to the article, Peterkort Company’s stated reason for the annexation request “was to consolidate all their area holdings under one jurisdiction.”

 If this annexation is approved, it will have no direct effect on PKW other than to bring the city of Beaverton closer to our property. 

A public hearing on the matter will be held remotely on October 27, 2021 at 630pm.

Public comments can be directed by email to or or in writing to the project planner at PO Box 4755, Beaverton, OR 97076.

One thought on “Peterkort annexation”

  1. I kind of suspect there is a little more to the annexation than consolidating ownership in one jurisdiction. Peterkort Company owns the vacant property contiguous to the south on the NE corner of Barnes and Valeria View. That property will be developed primarily as apartments. The way zoning works the developer is limited in the number of residential units per acre that can be built. By adding additional acreage the developer may be able add more apartments, even if they are not built on the added acreage. So it is possible that more apartments will be built on the adjacent property. When the staff report is released it may address this question.


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