Window Cleaning Updated May 11, 2015

Dear neighbors, Several of you mentioned that you would like to participate in getting a group discount to have your windows washed in the spring.  Well spring is here! Rsvp back to me and confirm if you are interested.  I am thinking early to mid May for this event.  If you know of others that would like to join in please pass the word to them.  Once we find out how many are interested we will get a firm price and let you know what that is. Thanks, Mike Hildenbrand

From Gail Hildenbrand, May 11, 2015

Hi neighbors,
We thought we had a great idea to help facilitate spring window washing for our Peterkort residents.  However, facilitating the project for about 50 residents who responded indicating an interest isn’t going to happen.After contacting four ‘smaller’ window washing contractors none were available to take on that many homes and of the four larger window washing companies contacted one responded and said they would only do the project if all HOA members participated and one quoted ‘quite high’prices.  The other two did not respond.Here are the names and contact information for the ‘smaller’ contractors so that you can contact them individually and discuss their services and costs.

Bright Look Window Cleaning (Tom)  @ 503 841 4440
Clear Choice (Bob) 503 821 9963
Distinctive Services (Aaron) 971 226 5141

Here are three larger companies (including one with high prices) we contacted:

A1 Retrofit 

·         | 360-513-9848 | Vancouver, WA

·         Clean Services Northwest 

·         | 503-762-5915 | Troutdale, OR

·         Fish Window Cleaning

·         | (503) 591-7000 | Aloha, OR


I am sorry this did not work out as a large group project.  I encourage you to talk with your immediate neighbors and see if you could organize something together.

Your neighbor,

Gail Hildenbrand

Board Meeting April 13th

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on April 13th, 2015 at 600pm.  Items discussed included: the appointment of a new Board member, a chemical controller for the pool and a vendor to clean the pool, ARC requests,  staining of Forest unit front doors, and ongoing maintenance issues.

New Board member: Board VP, Bob Balaski sold his home last month and moved to a nearby neighborhood.  The Board unanimously agreed on Ken Cumings to replace him on the Board.  Mike Hildenbrand will now be the Vice-President and Ken will be the Board Member At Large.

Pool: Orca Pacific has been contracted to install an automatic chemical controller.  This should keep the chlorine and PH levels consistent and reduce the need to close the pool or call someone to fix the imbalances.  Wet Kat has been retained to clean the pool.  They did our pool maintenance last year and were the only vendor wiling to respond on Saturdays and Sundays.  We are in the process of hiring a pool monitor.  The Board decided to have them start in June rather than wait until July as in previous years.

ARC: There were two requests form a homeowner to modify the exterior of their home.  The first request was in regards to an exterior mounted security camera.  The Board approved the request with some conditions regarding color and installation method.  The second request involved attaching artwork to an exterior wall using a screw.  The Board denied the request to penetrate the exterior with screws.  An alternative method of displaying the artwork was suggested.  The Board urges all homeowners to submit any request to modify the exterior of their homes BEFORE they make the modification.

Door staining:  Routine staining of the Forest doors was not scheduled for a couple of years.  However, several of the doors are in poor shape and many others are getting close to being in need of refinishing.  At the last meeting, the Board selected a vendor to do the work.  Since then, the Board members have surveyed the 110 Forest unit doors and selected approximately one third for immediate refinishing.  All of the doors in the following buildings will be refinished: 1, 4, 11, 14, 17, and 18.  There are a few other doors in poor shape that will also be done at this time.  Affected homeowners will be notified before any work is done.

Maintenance: Metal railings throughout the community are in the process of being repaired and repainted. There are also several landscape projects that are in the process of completion, including: plant replacement, tree pruning, and general hardscaping. This is just a summary of the Board Meeting and should not be considered as a replacement for the official meeting minutes.

Draft minutes of the meeting should be posted soon on TMG’s site.  The minutes become official when approved by the Board, usually at the next Board Meeting. The next scheduled Board Meeting is May 11th at 600pm.