Window seals failing

If you are an original owner in Peterkort Woods, your JELD-WEN windows have a lifetime warranty. According to a customer service representative I spoke with, this warranty transferred to secondary owners but was only good for 10 years from the original installation.

I am aware of 5 homes in our community that have dealt with failed window seals  this year.  One original homeowner has completed the installation of new windows from Jeld-Wen.  Two original homeowners are in the process of obtaining new windows (including this author).  The other two homeowners are not original owners and are not covered by the warranty.

My process started when I noticed what I thought was a haze on the outside of the window.  A contractor for the HOA was doing some warranty repairs on the outside of our house and confirmed that the haze was inside the windows.  In his opinion, the seal on the window had failed.

I filled out a form on JELD-WEN’s website and requested an inspection. After several emails back and forth, they located the original purchase order for my windows and set up a virtual inspection.  

During the original request for service and the inspection, I also reported that most of my windows were very difficult to open and shut.

Following the inspection, I received a message that a window was going to be delivered to a technician next month and it would be installed at a later date.  There was no mention fixing the opening problems.

I will give a full report when the process is completed, but there are a few things I have learned that may help.

The warranty mentions “skilled labor” which is only good for two years. According to the warranty : “Skilled labor” refers to tasks where specialized technical knowledge, experience, methods or tools are required to properly identify, diagnose and/or correct product-related issues. This is the reason they gave for only providing a virtual inspection.

When I asked about “regular” labor to install the window, I was assured this was included. My neighbor (also an original owner) was told he had to find his own installer.

Also be advised that you will be responsible to removed any shutters, blinds, or other items obstructing access to the windows.

During the virtual inspection you will have to give the inspector access to your smartphone or tablet. You will have to take several measurements and you may have to use a few tools.

Below is a photo of the window in question. It is clean on both sides. the streaks and haze is in-between the panes.

Update June 28

The failed window has been replaced at no cost to me.

The Jeld-Wen technician also worked on six other windows that were hard to open and shut. The majority of the “adjustment” was to lubricate the locks and the inside of the window frames. No parts were replaced.

The tech did remove several windows to inspect them. He does not recommend that owners do this. Other than that, he did not do anything that homeowners could not do themselves

In my opinion, the windows are now only moderately easier to open and shut. They technically function but are more difficult to operate than I think is reasonable. If you are paying for replacement windows, I can not recommend this particular model.

I will say that Jeld-Wen Customer service and the technician ‘Tim’ were very professional and easy to work with.

Jeld-Wen will not be doing any work outside of warranty at this time. For that, I would recommend Culver.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.