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Pool is open for 2019

As of 1pm on May 18, 2019, our pool is open to Peterkort Woods HOA owners and residents.

There are a few minor maintenance issues that need to be addressed. These should have no impact on your use and enjoyment of the pool.    

For more information, see Pool Rules.


Neighborhood cleanup day 2019


May 18, 2019            10-noon, lunch 12-1

We will be doing 4 projects:

  • Ivy abatement in PKW green spaces
  • Preparing the pool furniture for the summer season
  • Scrubbing up the mailboxes
  • Picking up trash from the entrance to PKW up the road to the MAX station

Bring your own gloves and wear your Peterkort t-shirt (if you have one).  We have a few extra t-shirts (come early if you want one) and we have some bright vests you can borrow so we can all be seen for safety.

Please RSVP by May 3 so we can order enough food for lunch

Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608 or

Community events update

Mark your Calendars

Upcoming Peterkort Woods Community Activities

Monthly Potlucks 6-8pm at the Clubhouse

January 17 – Happy New Year!  A chance to visit with your neighbors.  In addition to a dish to share, please bring canned foods for the Washington County Food Bank for those struggling with hunger.  We will collect this food in a box at the front door and deliver to the food bank.

February 21 – International Night — We know that we are a diverse neighborhood and we would like to get to know all our neighbors.  Please come and bring a dish that is associated with your culture or ethnicity (or your Grandma’s favorite recipe!)

March 21- tba

April 18 -tba

Superbowl Sunday FEB 3 – Game time is 3:30pm

Come and watch the game on the big screens at the clubhouse with your neighbors.  There will be chicken wings, pizza, chips/salsa, popcorn and non alcoholic beverages.  Please bring any additional snacks you would like to share and BYOB.  There will also be a “Football Pool”…  buy a square or more for $1 each when you arrive before the game starts!  The clubhouse doors will open at 2pm.

Game night interest??

A new neighbor in the neighborhood would love to teach the game Mah Jongg (American version) and/or have a scrabble night at the clubhouse.  Please email or text Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608 or if you have an interest in learning Mah Jongg or in attending a game night periodically.  We can only do this if we have a committed group who would like to learn and/or play.

Spring Neighborhood Cleanup – late April?

We would like to get a large group of folks out to do a neighborhood cleanup.  We would be doing general cleanup activities to be specifically determined.  We would work for a couple hours in the morning then all meet up at the clubhouse for lunch after.  Please text or email Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608 or PKWsocial if you would like to participate in beautifying our neighborhood.  We even have matching t-shirts to wear while we are doing this and we had a lot of fun doing it the last couple of years.

Winter Monthly Pot-Luck at the Clubhouse

Summer is over and the colorful trees and cooler nights tell us that fall is approaching…

We will be hosting a once a month pot-luck at the Clubhouse.

The next one is Thursday, November 15th, 6-8pm

Bring a dish to share and we will enjoy getting to know each other over some good food.

No need to RSVP…Just show up



Festivities begin and end on the Great Lawn

August 7, 2018

6:00 – 9:00 PM

The best way to build a community is to know your neighbors.  We invite you to take a little time out of your busy summer and participate.

National Night Out is a program that helps build relationships and triumphs over a culture that sometimes isolates us from each other.

Our goal is to have fun and build a healthier, safer connected community.

More info on the National event: or contact

National Night Out flyer 2018

Windows at PKWHOA

Recently, a neighbor sent me the following email:


We recently had our windows washed. In the process the washers indicated

that a few of our windows had lost their seal. As original owners we

contacted JeldWen for an inspection.


Today the representative of JeldWen conducted his examination of our

windows. He identified 42 windows in our end unit for replacement.


Currently, scheduling for the replacements is out beyond the middle of August.


Fortunately, as an original owner we are covered by the warranty.  Others

may not be as fortunate.”


The warranty I read stated, “We warrant to the original owner for which the products and components as identified below are initially installed…” It appears that secondary owners may not be covered.

If you have questions, I would call Jeld-Wen (or other manufacturer if applicable).

Here is the website for contacting Jeld-Wen:

Their phone number is: 800.535.3936


The window washers:

Fleur de Lis

10479 Sw Amanda Ct

Tigard, OR 97224

Phone number (503) 639-8479




Water Heaters

Electric water heaters

One of the most underappreciated home appliances is the water heater.  We seldom give them a second thought until we take our first (unplanned) cold shower.

{You may consider switching to Heat Pump Water Heater for economic or environmental reasons.  If so, please read Heat Pump Water Heaters and  HPWH update .}

If you are considering a new water heater because the current one is not working properly, there are a few things to consider first.  It is my opinion that in most cases, unless it is leaking, your water heater can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

The oldest water heater in PKW is probably about 12 years old.  This is about the time that some of the parts may start to fail. In this article I will discuss: recirculation pumps, reset buttons, thermostats, and heating elements.

Recirculation Pump (see photo at bottom of page)

In theory, this pump provides instant hot water to the farthest sink or shower. It is my opinion that it is not needed for most of our homes.  I have unplugged mine.

These pumps are advertised to work for 15-20 years. I have heard several reports the pumps not working in our neighborhood after 3-5 years.  It will cost $200-400 for a new pump.

I did notice that the pipe on my water heater leading to the RP was corroded.  Eventually it started to leak.  The cause of the failure was “galvanic corrosion.”  An electro-chemical reaction to two dissimilar metals being joined without using a “dielectric nipple”. Basically, the plumber who installed the water heater connected a copper pipe directly to a galvanized pipe. This may be an anomaly in our community, but is easy to check. (see photos)

No hot water

The first thing to check is the breaker switch for the water heater.  This is usually located in the back of the garage.

If it is not tripped already, you will want to turn it off for the next step.

Reset Button

This red button is located on the upper thermostat (see photos).  If you push on it and it clicks, then it means that it had been tripped.  Resetting it should turn your HWH back on.

But what caused it to trip?  Possible causes are: a bad thermostat, shorted heating element, or loose wiring.

If you do reset the button without identifying any problem, be careful.  You may have scalding hot water in a few hours.


The thermostat controls the operation of the heating elements, keeping your water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When this fails, the water heats uncontrollably.  The reset button on the thermostat kick out, automatically turning off the water heater when it reaches 180 degrees F.

The links below will walk you through how to test and replace your thermostat.  I am not a plumber or an electrician and I found the process fairly easy.  You can get the upper and lower thermostats for $14 and $9 respectively at Home Depot.


If the thermostats are working properly and the reset button trips, you may have an element that is shorting out.  If you suspect this, make sure the breakers for the WH are turned off, then test the elements.

If the reset button and the breakers have not been triggered and your water is warm, you possibly have one element that is bad. If you are not sure which one, I think it is best to replace both. Continue reading Water Heaters