Board Meeting February 9th

The Board of directors met at the clubhouse February 9th and discussed the following topics: end of year financial statement, landscaping issues, maintenance of entry railings and Forest exterior doors, Clubhouse reservations, and a system for the pool that would monitor and/or adjust the chlorine levels.

Year end financial statement: We finished the year in the black.  One of the budget items was deferred until this budget year (plant replacements) .  Still, revenues exceeded expenses.

Landscaping issues: The Board agreed to a three year plan for tree pruning (funded from reserves).  This was recommended by the landscaping committee.  Also, a large broken tree behind 10152 SW Windwood Way will be removed on Feb 16th.   Landscapers will be at the clubhouse on the same day trimming trees. A proposal for fixing a drainage issue near 10198 SW Morrison was approved.

Exterior doors: Some of the Forest doors are in need of repair or refinishing.  We have been unable to make contact with the original vendor. The same vendor who recently painted our homes was hired to repair one door on Taylor.  The Board also tasked another vendor to repair one door on Windwood and one door on Morrison.  The work on these two doors is pending warmer weather.

The Board amended to Clubhouse Reservation Policy by removing the clause that limited the user to the lower level.

Repair work to some entry railings will be done in the next few weeks (weather permitting).

For more details, see TM’s site or contact your favorite Board Member.