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Pool is open for 2019

As of 1pm on May 18, 2019, our pool is open to Peterkort Woods HOA owners and residents.

There are a few minor maintenance issues that need to be addressed. These should have no impact on your use and enjoyment of the pool.    

For more information, see Pool Rules.


Community events update

Mark your Calendars

Upcoming Peterkort Woods Community Activities

Monthly Potlucks 6-8pm at the Clubhouse

January 17 – Happy New Year!  A chance to visit with your neighbors.  In addition to a dish to share, please bring canned foods for the Washington County Food Bank for those struggling with hunger.  We will collect this food in a box at the front door and deliver to the food bank.

February 21 – International Night — We know that we are a diverse neighborhood and we would like to get to know all our neighbors.  Please come and bring a dish that is associated with your culture or ethnicity (or your Grandma’s favorite recipe!)

March 21- tba

April 18 -tba

Superbowl Sunday FEB 3 – Game time is 3:30pm

Come and watch the game on the big screens at the clubhouse with your neighbors.  There will be chicken wings, pizza, chips/salsa, popcorn and non alcoholic beverages.  Please bring any additional snacks you would like to share and BYOB.  There will also be a “Football Pool”…  buy a square or more for $1 each when you arrive before the game starts!  The clubhouse doors will open at 2pm.

Game night interest??

A new neighbor in the neighborhood would love to teach the game Mah Jongg (American version) and/or have a scrabble night at the clubhouse.  Please email or text Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608 or if you have an interest in learning Mah Jongg or in attending a game night periodically.  We can only do this if we have a committed group who would like to learn and/or play.

Spring Neighborhood Cleanup – late April?

We would like to get a large group of folks out to do a neighborhood cleanup.  We would be doing general cleanup activities to be specifically determined.  We would work for a couple hours in the morning then all meet up at the clubhouse for lunch after.  Please text or email Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608 or PKWsocial if you would like to participate in beautifying our neighborhood.  We even have matching t-shirts to wear while we are doing this and we had a lot of fun doing it the last couple of years.

Winter Monthly Pot-Luck at the Clubhouse

Summer is over and the colorful trees and cooler nights tell us that fall is approaching…

We will be hosting a once a month pot-luck at the Clubhouse.

The next one is Thursday, November 15th, 6-8pm

Bring a dish to share and we will enjoy getting to know each other over some good food.

No need to RSVP…Just show up



Festivities begin and end on the Great Lawn

August 7, 2018

6:00 – 9:00 PM

The best way to build a community is to know your neighbors.  We invite you to take a little time out of your busy summer and participate.

National Night Out is a program that helps build relationships and triumphs over a culture that sometimes isolates us from each other.

Our goal is to have fun and build a healthier, safer connected community.

More info on the National event: or contact

National Night Out flyer 2018

Summer No-Host Wednesdays at the Pool


Bring your picnic dinner/meat to BBQ/something to share if you wish.  Every Wednesday from June 13 – August 29 (Not July 4).

This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbors.

Questions?  Marilyn Gray 503-936-4608

Or fill out a contact form:

Linden Tree replacement schedule

To read the entire announcement from the HOA, click here: Linden Tree Project Notice-2018 January 29th

Below is the breakdown of scheduling:

  • 2/5-2/8:  Morrison St. tree removals & stump grinding (General Tree)
  • 2/8, 2/9, 2/13: Morrison St. debris removal (Willamette)
  • 2/13-2/14 (if needed extended thru 2/16): Windwood Way tree removals & stump  grinding (General Tree)
  • 2/13-2/16: Morrison St. irrigation repairs and tree install (Willamette)
  • 2/19-2/23: Windwood Way debris removal, irrigation repairs, tree install (Willamette)
  • 2/23, 2/26: Signage removed (Willamette)
  • After 4/15: Grass seed installed all areas (Willamette)

Snowcone Snowbell (Styrax japonicus) will be placed on SW Morrison.  Here is an example of a mature tree : snowconesnowbell pdf

Fireburst Paperbark Maple Acer griseum will be placed SW Windwood.  Here is an example of a mature tree with its Fall color: fireburst paperbark maple pdf

Here is what the trees will look like when they first go in: IMG_0244



Linden Tree Plan

The Board of Directors of the Peterkort Woods Home Owners’ Association, in consultation with the Association’s Landscape Committee, has taken on the task of addressing the street trees in our community on SW Morrison and SW Windwood.

The trees lining these two streets are all Lindens.  Most of you are aware that the Lindens attract a great quantity of aphids and that the aphids create quite a mess for up to six months of the year.  Efforts to control the aphids have been difficult and the problem has grown increasingly worse.  Even following one of the harshest winters in recent history, the pests have thrived.

Equally important have been concerns regarding the appropriateness of the Lindens for our streets due to their size as well as blocking light to our homes, damage to sidewalks, and interference with our irrigation system.


Over the years, many owners have complained about these trees and have asked for their removal.  The LC has tried to address the concerns with less drastic solutions. They have consulted with arborists regarding options.

In the Fall of 2016, the BOD solicited the opinion of two arborists to assess all our trees. Both gave us advice on how to develop a long-range plan for our urban forest.  Regarding the Lindens, one of the Arborists concluded, “The Lindens on SW Windwood and SW Morrison Street have some included bark concerns, have grown large enough to have conflicts with traffic, streets, vehicles, and housing. The trees are in a tight planter strip where eventually there will be root conflicts with sidewalk and ground utilities. This planting is a prime example of what (is) great in planning when trees are small, once growth has occurred the growth overtakes the space.”

During the past year the LC has addressed the most pressing tree concerns identified by the arborists including: the removal of approximately 15 cedars, several redbuds, and a few maples.

Peterkort Woods HOA – Linden Tree Survey – Fall, 2017

A survey concerning the Linden Trees was sent by email in the Fall of 2017.

Over 53% of the community responded (119/223).  Over 67% of those who live on Windwood and Morrison responded to the survey.  The response rate was 36.9% on streets that did not have Lindens.

More than 68% responded “yes” to the question “should the Board consider removal of the Lindens?” (82 of 119)  An additional 9% responded that they didn’t care.

The response was even stronger for those who live on the effected streets.  On the question of us considering removal, 70.3 % said yes compared to 65.8% yes on the other streets.

It also looks like everyone had to answer every question in the survey. Some of those who wanted the trees taken out over two or three years, didn’t want the trees taken out at all.  It was therefore useful to break the results down further.

75 of the 82 who said yes (91.5%), wanted all the trees removed and 75% of those respondents wanted them taken out at one time.

Going forward

The BOD has approved moving forward with replacing the Lindens.  We are in the process of obtaining bids for removing the 103 Lindens along SW Windwood and SW Morrison and replacing them with other Washington County approved street trees (

This is a complex undertaking with many considerations which are being addressed.  All of the details are not available at this time, but we will provide updates as more information is available.