Board Meeting May 11th

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on May 11th, 2015 at 600pm.  Items discussed included: Compliance issues, late fees, landscape proposals, a chemical controller for the pool, and the pool opening.

ARC:  The Board discussed at length issues regarding compliance and modifications to the exterior of some homes.  There were several violations reported to TMG this past month.  A couple of those home owners with reported violations gave input at the beginning of the Board meeting.  Some of the violations reported recently were: regarding work performed by Renaissance, approved by the Board, or were not in violation.  Some examples include: a keypad near the garage door installed by Renaissance, a flag pole approved by a previous Board, and a doorbell replaced by a home owner five years ago that used the existing holes and screws of the old doorbell.

The HOA is following the compliance policy regarding those homeowners in violation.  The Board urges all homeowners to submit any request to modify the exterior of their homes BEFORE they make the modification.

There are several ways a violation can be reported, including: compliance checks by the Association or reports from a homeowner.  As stated in Administrative Resolution 2010 number 1-Fine Schedule, Enforcement Procedures and Sanctions for non-compliance, “2. Direct resolution preferred: Owners disturbed by a neighbor’s actions, or believing that a neighbor is in a compliance violation with a Peterkort rule or regulation, are encouraged express their concern with the neighbor prior to reporting to the Association.” For the complete document, go to TMG’s Association website, or to the resources page of this site under “HOA rules”.  If you have been sent a violation letter and do not agree with the issue as stated, see section 13 of the above mentioned document for instructions to appeal.

Late Fees:  A request to wave late fees by a homeowner was denied by the Board.

Pool: The pool is scheduled to officially open on Saturday, May 23rd.  A party for the HOA is scheduled the same day at 400pm.  The Board agreed to repaint the pool tables.  This could not be done prior to May 23rd and will most likely be done the week of May 26-29th.  A chemical controller for the pool was installed.  The model purchased by the Association was not available. Orca installed an upgraded model at no additional charge.

Landscaping: The Board approved the proposal to plant the remainder of the community not covered by the Fall plantings.  The Board also approved  proposal to make some needed repairs to our irrigation system.

Draft minutes of the meeting should be posted soon on TMG’s site.  The minutes become official when approved by the Board, usually at the next Board Meeting. The next scheduled Board Meeting is June 8th at 600pm.