Morrison Street barricade update May 30th, 2015

I was advised that the Planning Department was supposed to send the final report to everyone who sent letters to them, so many of you on this list have probably already received the report, but to those of you who did not, here are a few highlights.  As you will see, part of the report was a response to concerns expressed in our letters.
1.  The project was approved “with conditions.”
     –  The parcel will be divided into three parcels – one for the existing house and garage and two additional parcels
     –   According to the zoning, they could have tried to put as many as 5 parcels in, but with questions around the flood plain, they settled on three
     –  There will be a private road through the middle of the parcel, which will provide access to two of the parcels, and the third ( the one next to Peterkort) will have its own driveway
     –  This is not a building permit – that will come later
2.  The barricade will be moved
     –  It will move from where it is up Morrison Street to the eastern edge of this parcel
     –  The planners cite previous agreements when the Peterkort development was completed that indicate that the barrier was always intended to be temporary.  (they indicated that it had signs on it that said that, but I never saw any signs like that)
     –  They indicate that they will try to move the barrier prior to construction.  This is because they don’t want the increased construction traffic to have to go through the “substandard” eastern part of Morrison – up to 95th.  So, that means the construction vehicles will be going through Peterkort
     –  They also indicate that the barrier cannot be removed right now because Morrison Street up to 95th does not meet the County Road standards.  However, they also indicate that as soon as Morrison can be improved to those standards ( width, etc) then the barrier will be removed – no time frame on that
3.  They will provide screening and buffering along the western edge of the property ( the one next to the trail and Peterkort)
     –  This will be done according to the regulations for Type 2 Screening – a minimum of 2 canopy trees and 4 understory trees for every 100 lineal feet, with an S-1 fence (5 foot tall, wood/cyclone barrier
4.  Street improvements
     –  They will be putting in sidewalks on Morrison street
     –  Street lighting may be put in and they will review/decide if light shielding is to be installed to minimize glare impacts
     –  They will provide street trees, but I was unclear how that impacts the current trees
So, while our questions and concerns were heard and addressed, this is not the outcome we had hoped for.  We can, of course appeal, but given that the regulations appear to support their decision, my view is that that would be a waste of our time.
I do hope I captured the most important parts of the report, but if I missed something, please let me know.  I want to again thank everyone for their interest and their support in writing letters and making phone calls to the planners.  If anyone who did not receive a copy of this report wants to get one, the planner’s name is Ryan Marquardt and his phone number is (503) 846-3872.  ( the report was actually signed by Wayne Hayson, who is the Principal Planner)  The Casefile number is 14-472-P.  It runs about 40 pages.
Harlen Springer