Fire 10192 SW Morrison Street Updated June 13th

There was a fire early on the morning of June 5th at 10192 SW Morrison Street.  There was extensive property damage but no injuries.  10198 SW Morrison suffered some water damage.  10184 had some smoke damage.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and the insurance investigators have completed their investigations. The HOA is working with our insurance company to start the restoration process.

The investigators from TVFR and the insurance companies met on June 10th to discuss their findings.  After a thorough investigation, the insurance company is classifying the cause of the fire as “indeterminate”. The Fire Marshall’s report will be completed in a few weeks.  It is not anticipated that it will yield any surprises.  The scene has been released so that demolition and reconstruction can begin.

As is the case with many fires, the point of origin can be determined but not the cause of the fire.  In this case, the fire started in the garage with no determinable cause.  However, the following sources can be ruled out: the garbage can, the hot water heater, the central vacuum, and faulty wiring.  The sprinkler systems worked as designed.

Due to the quick response of TVFR and the excellent fire walls in our homes, the fire damage was mostly contained in 10192.

The three families affected are grateful for the support and care from the community.  Their material needs are being met at this time.  This will be a long and emotionally difficult reconstruction process.  I encourage you to continue supporting them in the months ahead.

As I learn more, I will update this post.