Pool etiquette

A small pool for 223 families presents a few challenges.  On any nice day there may be more people who wish to use the pool and barbeque area than can be comfortably accommodated.

The rules that are in place are intended to insure the health, safety, and contentment of all.  Not all situations are covered in the rules, so more rules have been proposed.  For example: should we limit hours of use by children, number of floaty toys, etc.

The HOA Board has the right to add or modify these rules, but I do not think this is the best course of action.  Homeowners need to be more responsible.  Obey the existing rules and tactfully correct others when they are in violation.  Above all, keep in mind that you are not the only person who wishes to enjoy the pool or BBQ.

So, in case you are not sure how to accomplish this, here are a few tips.

NO GLASS in the lower pool area.  This includes wine and beer bottles.

NO UNATTENDED CHILDREN under 14.  It does not matter how mature you think they are, your 10 year old cannot be left at the pool all day by herself.

NO CLIMBING THE FENCE.  If you forgot or lost your FOB, go home or wait for another homeowner to let you in.

Please keep track of your property.  If you brought it, take it home.  If it was there, leave it.  If you lost something, contact this website or TMG.  If you know who took the brand new BBQ scrubber (purchased by a homeowner for use by all), please tell them to return it.

I think we can throw out most rules and replace them with one.  Treat others as you wish to be treated.

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