Sunset Station and Barnes Road PUD

Some of you may have received a letter recently from the City of Beaverton regarding the proposed development on SW Barnes Rd. An extension for a previously approved Conditional Use-PUD application is being requested.  (see the attached documents)

Sunset Station extension notice0001

The deadline for written comments is 400pm on December 2, 2015.


You may have noticed some work being done along Barnes Road. According to the Cedar Mills News, “… the work being done now is “investigational,” and might include geological reports. They (the land owners) are talking to a developer, who will share their plans when they are ready.”

For information on this project, read the article in the latest edition of Cedar Mills News

2 thoughts on “Sunset Station and Barnes Road PUD”

  1. We have not received anything from the city of Beaverton and are wondering what this is about since we’ve been away for the past week. We’re unable to read the proposal on the link.


    1. The City of Beaverton has approved a plan for the development along Barnes Road. Apparently this approval will expire before any construction will begin and the developer is asking for an extension. The due date for written comments from the public is December 2, 2015.

      I didnt get the letter until a few days ago. It looks like only those living in the ‘buffer zone’ or those who attended a public meeting on October 30th received the letter.

      I didnt hear about the meeting and now we have 2 weeks to give written input. Maybe they are trying to rush this through?

      For more info, look at the above link or go to


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