Annual Homeowners Meeting 2018

Our annual homeowners’ meeting was held on August 13th, 2018, the 10th Anniversary our Association’s turnover meeting.

Registration opened at 600pm  The meeting started at 630pm

Over 70 homes were represented by Proxy or in person.

Here is the agenda: Agenda Annual Meeting 13 Aug 2018

Each of the Board members gave a report to the community regarding their involvement and an update on projects they had worked on during the year.

Ken Cumings announced that he has sold his home as of August 22nd and he will be resigning his Board position as of August 20, 2018.   The Board will chose his replacement at their September meeting.

David Koff had been tasked by the Board to look into the feasibility of having a community garden at PKW.  He gave a presentation and included detailed cost estimates, possible locations, and benefits of having a garden. Owners present were able to ask questions and discuss the issues regarding a garden.   Following the suggestion of an owner, a poll was taken of the owners present.  A vast majority (approximately 90%) said they supported the idea of pursuing a community garden.

Regarding the 70-604 ruling issue, the Association voted to take excess revenue from the budget and roll it over to the next year.  For further explanation on this issue, contact our treasurer, Steve Gray.

There were three Board positions up for election at the Annual meeting.  Three homeowners have volunteered to serve on the board for the 2018/2020 term.  See their bios below.  Mike Hildendbrand, Harriet Linville, and Robert Phillippi were elected to serve two year terms.  They joined Steve Gray and Ken Cumings on the Board.

After the meeting adorned, the Board of Directors reconvened for an organizational meeting where they chose officers per our bylaws.  For results, see Board of Directors for PKWHOA

Mike Hildenbrand Mike Hildenbrand Bio

Harriet Linville Harriet Linville Bio

Robert Phillippi Robert Phillippi Bio

Mike Hildenbrand

Mike Hildenbrand

Harriet Linville
Mike Hildenbrand and Rob Phillippi
Mike Hildenbrand and Rob Phillippi at PKW Cleanup day 2017

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