4th of July, 2016

Join Us For Family Fun This Fourth of July!

Dear Owner,

Please join the Peterkort Woods Community and celebrate this July 4th with a day full of family FUN! From 2pm to 5pm check out our Craft Table and Treasure Hunt while kids get to enjoy some free ice cream! At 5pm the pot luck kicks off! Plates and utensils will be provided, and a few extra Burgers and Dogs too! This event is hosted but not staffed. Please check out our flyer below for full details.

We look forward to seeing you there!

PKW – 7.4 Party (1)

Pool safety and security

Our pool is for the exclusive use of PKW homeowners, their immediate family, their guests, and lessees with the rights of owners.

Legal users of the pool are expected to use their fob to enter one of the two pool gates.  They are also expected to wear or display  a bracelet provided by the HOA (contact TMG if you need one).

The HOA is hiring a weekend pool monitor for the remainder of the summer.  One of their responsibilities will be to verify that the people using the pool are those mentioned in the first paragraph.  Please make their job easier by showing the your fob and/or bracelet.

The pool is one of our community’s greatest assets as well as a potential liability.  Help protect it by reporting suspicious activity.

If you see someone using the pool that you don’t recognize and/or is not wearing a bracelet like yours, introduce yourself.  Politely ask them where the live.  If they are trespassing and refuse to leave, call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (503-629-0111.

For further information on the use of the pool, please see: