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Theft in the neighborhood

There have been several thefts in PKW recently.  Most of theses have been thefts of plants and other decorations taken from the front porch or steps.  With Christmas coming soon, there will likely be an increase in delivered package thefts.

I would urge residents to take the following precautions:

  1. Leave your front porch lights on at night.
  2. Don’t leave valuables unsecured.
  3. Require a signature for all deliveries.
  4. Consider having packages delivered to a secure location such as a UPS store.
  5. Keep an eye on strangers at your neighbors’ door.
  6. Report suspicious activity to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

If you see a crime occurring now (even if it’s a minor theft) call 911.  For non-emergency police response, cal 503-629-0111.

Pool etiquette

A small pool for 223 families presents a few challenges.  On any nice day there may be more people who wish to use the pool and barbeque area than can be comfortably accommodated.

The rules that are in place are intended to insure the health, safety, and contentment of all.  Not all situations are covered in the rules, so more rules have been proposed.  For example: should we limit hours of use by children, number of floaty toys, etc.

The HOA Board has the right to add or modify these rules, but I do not think this is the best course of action.  Homeowners need to be more responsible.  Obey the existing rules and tactfully correct others when they are in violation.  Above all, keep in mind that you are not the only person who wishes to enjoy the pool or BBQ.

So, in case you are not sure how to accomplish this, here are a few tips.

NO GLASS in the lower pool area.  This includes wine and beer bottles.

NO UNATTENDED CHILDREN under 14.  It does not matter how mature you think they are, your 10 year old cannot be left at the pool all day by herself.

NO CLIMBING THE FENCE.  If you forgot or lost your FOB, go home or wait for another homeowner to let you in.

Please keep track of your property.  If you brought it, take it home.  If it was there, leave it.  If you lost something, contact this website or TMG.  If you know who took the brand new BBQ scrubber (purchased by a homeowner for use by all), please tell them to return it.

I think we can throw out most rules and replace them with one.  Treat others as you wish to be treated.

National Night Out August 4th

August 4, 2015 6-9 pm
National “Night Out” Family Event
(Fun for all ages)
On the Great Lawn behind the clubhouse in our neighborhood

Bring your picnic
Bring your chairs/blankets

Provided: beverages and everything needed for smores
Featuring neighborhood talent
(If you have a talent you want to share, call Marilyn Gray to sign up)
There will be games and prizes for all

Questons? Call Marilyn Gray Or Shawna Phillippi (if you need their number, fill out the contact form and it will be sent to you)

Annual Homeowners’ Meeting August 10th

The Annual Homeowners meeting has been scheduled for August 10th at 600pm in the Clubhouse. Agenda items include: an election for 2 Board positions, a presentation from the HOA’s insurance agent, a Fire Safety presentation, and a 2016 budget preview. The Sheriff of Washington County, Pat Garrett, will will be on hand to give an overview and answer questions about the upcoming Public Safety Levy (Measure 34-236).

Bios for the Board candidates.


Hear is some information regarding Measure 34-236.

Washington County measure 34-236 LOL

Board Meeting June 8th

The HOA Board of Directors met at the Clubhouse on June 8th, 2015 at 600pm.  Items discussed included: Fire in PKW, delinquency report, door staining, clubhouse security, FOB system, new plants in the landscape, repair work on railings, concrete work, tables at the pool, and the chemical controller for the pool.

Fire: See separate post on this site, “Fire 10192 SW Morrison Street”.

Delinquency report: We have one home in our community where the owner passed away and no estate has been created.  There is a substantial debt owed to the HOA.  There is also a substantial mortgage on the home.  The Board asked our attorneys for direction in this matter.  The Board voted to follow the advice of the attorneys and wait for the lender to initiate foreclosure proceedings and suspend this account for six months (dues will continue to accrue).

Door staining: West Coast Forensics was retained for quality control on the door staining project.  They recommended a higher quality clear coat than was original chosen by the staining contractor.  Depending on the availability of the product, work will start on June 25th or mid July.  Affected owners will be notified by TMG of the exact date and will be given further instructions.

Clubhouse: The Board voted to install a new security camera system in the clubhouse.

The pool and clubhouse FOB system was updated the week of May 18th.  Most of the bugs have been worked out.  Some of the FOBs had to be reprogrammed.  If your FOB does not work on the pool gates, please notify TMG.

Landscaping: The second half of the community will receive new plants beginning on June 11th.

Repair work: There was some work done on a few of our front stair railings.  Some railings have yet to receive a final coat of paint.  The contractor is working to remove any stains on the concrete caused by the work.  In an unrelated work order, a lose rear balcony railing was repaired by the HOA.

Concrete work: There are a few areas in need of concrete work throughout our community.  A bid has been requested from a contractor.  Please notify TMG if you know of any concrete in a common area in need of repair.

Pool furniture: The tables at the pool will be painted starting this week.  Watch for wet paint signs.

Pool: A chemical controller for the pool was installed by Orca.  Our pool is maintained by WetKat.  It appears that the controller may not be operating correctly. The Board approved a plan to correct the problem immediately.

Draft minutes of this meeting should be posted soon on TMG’s site.  The minutes become official when approved by the Board, usually at the next Board Meeting. The next scheduled Board Meeting is July 13th at 600pm.

Fire 10192 SW Morrison Street Updated June 13th

There was a fire early on the morning of June 5th at 10192 SW Morrison Street.  There was extensive property damage but no injuries.  10198 SW Morrison suffered some water damage.  10184 had some smoke damage.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and the insurance investigators have completed their investigations. The HOA is working with our insurance company to start the restoration process.

The investigators from TVFR and the insurance companies met on June 10th to discuss their findings.  After a thorough investigation, the insurance company is classifying the cause of the fire as “indeterminate”. The Fire Marshall’s report will be completed in a few weeks.  It is not anticipated that it will yield any surprises.  The scene has been released so that demolition and reconstruction can begin.

As is the case with many fires, the point of origin can be determined but not the cause of the fire.  In this case, the fire started in the garage with no determinable cause.  However, the following sources can be ruled out: the garbage can, the hot water heater, the central vacuum, and faulty wiring.  The sprinkler systems worked as designed.

Due to the quick response of TVFR and the excellent fire walls in our homes, the fire damage was mostly contained in 10192.

The three families affected are grateful for the support and care from the community.  Their material needs are being met at this time.  This will be a long and emotionally difficult reconstruction process.  I encourage you to continue supporting them in the months ahead.

As I learn more, I will update this post.

Crime in the neighborhood

At least five PKW residents had items stolen from their front porch the night of May 13, 2015.  The stolen property ranged from flower pots to outdoor furniture.

While crime is relatively rare in our neighborhood, it is important that it is reported to the authorities as soon as possible.

Peterkort Woods is located in unincorporated Washington County.  Your police services are supplied by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  The WCSO divides its patrol area into 14 districts.  PKW is located in the 20 District.  It is also located within the Enhanced Sheriffs Patrol Districts (ESPD).

Staffing in these districts is determined in part by the number of reported crimes and calls for service in each district.

If you see a crime occurring, call 911.  If you need police or fire anywhere in Washington County and it is not an emergency, call 503-629-0111.

For more information about ESPD or other services provided by the WCSO, visit their website at:

For an interactive map of police services in Washington County:


Rules, rules, rules.

We are a nation of laws.  From the Federal level to the state, local, and even our HOA.  As rules and laws are developed, they start with an idea to make our community better (the spirit of the law). When the ideas are memorialized in writing, the words give us clear instructions for enacting and protecting them (letter of the law). Laws and rules are abolished or modified when they are obsolete (don’t leave your horse on Main Street after sun down) or society’s needs change (don’t block the electric car charging station).  It is the citizens’ duty to know and obey the laws and the government’s duty to uphold the laws.

Now, I said all that to say this, the law exists to make us better. It dos not exist just to be enforced.  For example.  Driving your car over certain speeds is dangerous, so speed laws were written. They are enforced to make the roads safer.  Depending on the conditions, most traffic cops write citations for more than 10 miles per hour over the limit. The fines increase the faster you go. The fear of financial penalty will make you drive slower and thus safer.  Now imagine if every car going more than 1 mph over the limit was stopped and the driver cited. The letter of the law allows for this but the spirit of the law does not.

As we draft new rules or enforce existing ones, I would like us to focus on the spirit of the law as we consider the letter of the law.

robert phillippi