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Window Cleaning Updated May 11, 2015

Dear neighbors, Several of you mentioned that you would like to participate in getting a group discount to have your windows washed in the spring.  Well spring is here! Rsvp back to me and confirm if you are interested.  I am thinking early to mid May for this event.  If you know of others that would like to join in please pass the word to them.  Once we find out how many are interested we will get a firm price and let you know what that is. Thanks, Mike Hildenbrand

From Gail Hildenbrand, May 11, 2015

Hi neighbors,
We thought we had a great idea to help facilitate spring window washing for our Peterkort residents.  However, facilitating the project for about 50 residents who responded indicating an interest isn’t going to happen.After contacting four ‘smaller’ window washing contractors none were available to take on that many homes and of the four larger window washing companies contacted one responded and said they would only do the project if all HOA members participated and one quoted ‘quite high’prices.  The other two did not respond.Here are the names and contact information for the ‘smaller’ contractors so that you can contact them individually and discuss their services and costs.

Bright Look Window Cleaning (Tom)  @ 503 841 4440
Clear Choice (Bob) 503 821 9963
Distinctive Services (Aaron) 971 226 5141

Here are three larger companies (including one with high prices) we contacted:

A1 Retrofit 

·         | 360-513-9848 | Vancouver, WA

·         Clean Services Northwest 

·         | 503-762-5915 | Troutdale, OR

·         Fish Window Cleaning

·         | (503) 591-7000 | Aloha, OR


I am sorry this did not work out as a large group project.  I encourage you to talk with your immediate neighbors and see if you could organize something together.

Your neighbor,

Gail Hildenbrand

Board Meeting March 9th

The Board of directors met at the clubhouse March 9th and discussed the following topics: landscaping issues, maintenance of entry railings and Forest exterior doors, pool maintenance vendors, and a system for the pool that would monitor and adjust the chlorine levels.

Landscaping: Robert Littleton (Landscape Committee Chair) gave a report.  Half of our community had new plants installed.  The second half will be done in the next few months.   We have sent  plant list to our vendor for a quote.  Some rock has been installed in the landscape.  This also is still a work in progress.

Pool Maintenance: The Board agreed to install a system that will automatically monitor and adjust the chlorine in our pool.  At the next meeting will choose a maintenance vendor and pool monitors.

Forest doors refinishing: ‘Color Perfexion’ was hired to work on two Forest doors.  This work was compared to the work of Two Brothers.  The Board has decided to go with Color Perfexion.  Approximately 30 of the most needy doors will be addressed in the first phase this year.  (If you believe your door should be included in this group, please let the Board know ASAP.)

Ongoing maintenance: Crews will be in our neighborhood in March cleaning gutters (Windwood, Trillium, and Foresta), fixing some metal railings, and tree trimming.

In addition to the Board and a TMG representative, twelve homeowners were in attendance.  After the meeting, there was an informal gathering downstairs.

Meeting minutes will not be official until approved by the Board at the April 13th meeting.  All meeting minutes are posted on TMG’s site.

Rules, rules, rules.

We are a nation of laws.  From the Federal level to the state, local, and even our HOA.  As rules and laws are developed, they start with an idea to make our community better (the spirit of the law). When the ideas are memorialized in writing, the words give us clear instructions for enacting and protecting them (letter of the law). Laws and rules are abolished or modified when they are obsolete (don’t leave your horse on Main Street after sun down) or society’s needs change (don’t block the electric car charging station).  It is the citizens’ duty to know and obey the laws and the government’s duty to uphold the laws.

Now, I said all that to say this, the law exists to make us better. It dos not exist just to be enforced.  For example.  Driving your car over certain speeds is dangerous, so speed laws were written. They are enforced to make the roads safer.  Depending on the conditions, most traffic cops write citations for more than 10 miles per hour over the limit. The fines increase the faster you go. The fear of financial penalty will make you drive slower and thus safer.  Now imagine if every car going more than 1 mph over the limit was stopped and the driver cited. The letter of the law allows for this but the spirit of the law does not.

As we draft new rules or enforce existing ones, I would like us to focus on the spirit of the law as we consider the letter of the law.

robert phillippi